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About Us

We are an independent restaurant majoring in authentic Shanghainese food, located in an old airport district (To Kwa Wan) that retains most of its characters. Our owner is a former senior management member of Crystal Jade Culinary Concepts and East Ocean Gourmet Group.  The owner wishes to experiment running a restaurant with traditional culinary concepts and modern management philosophy. Shanghai Yen is the only Shanghainese restaurant on Pak Tai Street, and one of very few in this district. We have two kitchens, the big one specializing in Shanghainese food, the other smaller one in Hong Kong style food and drinks. Our clientele spans across many segments, from low-budget breakfasts to decent dinners with wine. We pride ourselves as a modern, hygienic, kids- and family-, tourists- and wheelchair-friendly restaurant.  We also have a bar and football TV, private room and outdoor seating for pet-lovers.